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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 14th May 2015

Slow-boat to China

French jazz singer Anne Evenou will continue her brief Cambodian tour with two gigs in Phnom Penh this week. The China-based chanteuse will take to the Tonle Sap river aboard the Kanikaboat floating restaurant this Thursday evening. There will also be a land-based gig at Bouchon on Friday night. Musical support at both shows will be provided by the musical partnership of Ritchy (drums, vocals) & Phil (keys, saxophone, vocals). This talented twosome are able to create more musical embellishment with just two pairs of hands than most bands can produce with a stage full of musicians.

Voice of Phnom Penh

Scott Bywater – pic: www.kenedgar.com
Scott Bywater's comedic song 'Phnom Penh Driving School' has almost taken on a life of it's own over the last year or so. The musical tale of terrible traffic could regularly be heard ringing out of certain city establishments, even while its author was living thousands of miles away in France. Now Scott is back in Phnom Penh with a clutch of freshly-minted songs - inspired by the joys of new fatherhood, and the challenges of performing 'Flying Into Pochentong' to a French audience in Nantes. Catch the Tasmanian singer and poet for a full-length show at Alley Bar this Friday. Scott Bywater is also back in charge of the Sundowner Sessions acoustic open mic at Alley Cat Cafe (not to be confused with Alley Bar) each Sunday afternoon. 

Dancing Fingers, Booming Bass


Guitarist Jeff Sleeman will hold a launch party this Saturday for his new album Gentle Instrumental - at Starworks in Phnom Penh. The nimble-fingered Englishman is inspired by the innovative acoustic guitar work of Ewan Dobson. Jeff will showcase his style on Saturday with a set of solo guitar pieces written by Dobson, followed by a set of original songs from Gentle Instrumental. Sleeman will be ably accompanied by Larry Martinez (keys) and Lewis Pragasam (drums/percussion) during the second set. CD copies of the new album will be available for purchase at the gig. Check out Jeff's impressive guitar skills in the video above.

pic: courtesy of Vibratone
Vibratone will break some new ground on Saturday night when they play a gig at BLVD nightclub. The Phnom Penh venue is well-known for DJ nights but live music has not been a regular feature there... until now. Vibratone's live show is always worth catching thanks to their lively roots-reggae sound - with a Latin twist provided by flamboyant Brazilian drummer Luis Arambarri. Support on Saturday comes from DJ Pro and DJ Mochino.

Farewell to Bob

Bob Passion - pic: Sharky Bar Facebook
Bhor Moto Garage is an arts studio, music studio and live music venue (as well as being a working motorbike shop) situated in down-town Sihanoukville. The man at the centre of all this activity is musician, performance artist (and motorbike mechanic) Bob Passion. Bob is well-known in Sihanoukville for organising the annual Khmarnval parade for Children's NGO M'Lop Tapang. Bob has also been performing his own eclectic brand of punk music around the Kingdom with Bob Passion & The Schkoots, Kanlat Rik-riƩ, The Lop-Lop and At Robiep.

After ten years in Cambodia, the self-styled 'Artgitateur Artventurier' is winding up the Bhor Moto Garage and preparing for a move to The Philippines. Expect a great going-away party at the Garage gig this Sunday. Fellow punk bands Big Time and At Robiep will join The Schkoots on stage to send the main man off in suitably raucous style. Bob will also be showing select archive video footage from the Bhor Moto vaults. Bob Passion & The Schkoots will play a farewell gig at Sharky Bar in Phnom Penh on Friday 22nd May. Best wishes and safe travels to 'Mr. Lop Lop' from Leng Pleng.

Whatever you're up to this week, stay safe out there and... see you around the traps!


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