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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 13th August 2015

Green Pulse Music Festival is a special event taking place at Starworks Academy (at the LYLA Center) in Phnom Penh this Saturday. A number of DJs and live music acts will take part in the festival, running from the afternoon into the evening, with a late-night after-party happening at Slur Bar. Donations at the event will be received by Metta Nature, an organisation based in the Oral Mountain area of Cambodia. Metta are working to improve the environmental situation in Oral with a tree-planting program. 

Lewis Pragasam of Starworks Academy will be presenting his brand-new Santana tribute band at Green Pulse, featuring hot musicians Jeff Sleeman (lead guitar), Metta Legita (keyboards), Hector (bass) and Lewis himself on the drum kit. Live acoustic sounds will be performed by the elegant Lisa Concepcion, while experimental fusion will be provided by Bitches Mix. DJs Mutespeaker, Sao Sopheak, Moto, Cambo Disco Club and many, many more will be spinning excellent sounds. Looks like the LYLA Center will be a hub of activity on Saturday, all for a very good cause!

Knell at Sharky Bar – photo by Kang Predi
Knell is the re-vamped iteration of Phnom Penh-based alternative-metal band Splitter. New vocalist Todd (Australia) and drummer Kraken (UK) will join the band for an outing at Sharky Bar on Saturday night. Rhythm guitarist Ryan Wright informed Leng Pleng that the new-look Knell are primarily influenced by 'Pantera, Tool, Marijuana and Alcohol' and are dedicated to being the 'loudest and heaviest band in Phnom Penh!'. Looking beyond the bluster, we can see that these guys work very hard on their music and perform their own original songs, with a few cover versions thrown in for good measure. Gig-goers can look forward to an energetic, block-busting show on Saturday.

Oum Oudom, also known simply as 'Oro', is a dedicated archivist of rare Cambodian vinyl. Collectors and enthusiasts such as Oro are vital flame-keepers of the 'Golden Era' – the singular 'melting pot' period of Cambodian rock'n'roll which took place between the beginning of the US-Vietnam War and the fall of Phnom Penh to the Khmer Rouge. The vinyl records containing this wonderful music were sought out and destroyed by Pol Pot's regime while the recording artists were themselves nearly completely wiped from the face of the earth. To protect their own lives, Cambodians were forced to burn all their music albums and throw the remains into the river (Leng Pleng: an interview with Jimmy Kiss). Some record collections survived, buried in the ground, hidden in sewage systems or petroleum containers. Today, archivists like Oro make painstaking efforts to preserve the vinyl and are able to make the music available digitally. Check out the video below to learn more. Subscribe to Oro's Cambodian Vintage Music Archive YouTube Channel to hear this amazing 'Golden Era' music.

Oro will be giving a rare vinyl DJ set at Meta House next Tuesday night. The night is part of a short series of 'Golden Era' events taking place at Meta House next week. The program begins with the opening of an exhibition of Cambodian Vintage Music Record Covers on Tuesday and continues with a screening of John Pirozzi's acclaimed documentary film about Cambodian rock'n'roll, 'Don't Think I've Forgotten', on Wednesday. Check out the Meta House website for more details.

Cambodian rock'n'roll-inspired band Dengue Fever are currently touring their fifth studio album, 'The Deepest Lake', in the U.S. Check out their latest video for single 'Rom Say Sok' below. To learn more about Dengue Fever, read their excellent website and the recent Leng Pleng interview with lead singer Chhom Nimol.

Whatever you're up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and... see you around the traps!
Joe Wrigley

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  1. Hello... That pic of Knell is shot by me. Credit is very appreciated. Thanks :)
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