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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 20th August 2015

Alive and Kicking

CLA at FCC – The Mansion – pic: supplied
The Cambodian Living Arts troupe (CLA) will be performing a special show at Doors Phnom Penh on Friday night. The artists of CLA are normally found performing at the Plae Pakaa Theatre, within the grounds of the National Museum. The Phnom Penh-based organisation was founded by Arn Chorn-Pond more than 16 years ago, to 'to facilitate the transformation of Cambodia through the arts' (CLA Website). Productions at Plae Pakaa are comprised of the traditional Cambodian arts of song, dance, music-making, shadow puppetry and story-telling. Luminaries of CLA include legendary Chapei Dang Weng Master Kong Nay. The Doors show will present a chance to see the CLA artists give an alternative performance in a more relaxed, less formal environment – an excellent reminder that these traditional forms are living, breathing and growing in modern Cambodia!

Classy Guy

Swingin' : Seb and Euan of Kin Jazz
 – pic: www.kenedgar.com

Euan Gray can always be relied upon to provide some high-quality music – whether as a solo artist or as a member of one of his many band projects. See him in Phnom Penh this week at Eluvium Lounge on Saturday evening and at Doors on Wednesday. Euan will be breaking out the acoustic guitar and looper pedal for his Saturday solo rooftop spot, while the Doors gig will require his estimable tenor saxophone skills - as leader of the reformed Kin Jazz. This swinging quartet, comprising of Euan alongside Gabi Faja (piano), Seb Adnot (upright bass) and Toma Willen, will be performing versions of Frank Sinatra classics. Cool!

Princess of Pop

Nikki Nikki will be performing at (and signing a lot of autographs at) the launch party for Java Cafe in Tuol Kork on Sunday afternoon. The Cambodian singing sensation is, like her fellow Songkites alumnus Jimmy Kiss, able to generate hundreds of thousands of YouTube hits with a single upload. Nikki has seen huge success with songs like 'Home for Dinner' and 'Mine', even crossing borders to gain some popularity outside Cambodia (see the video above - from a Thai television station). Nikki Nikki will be supported at Java by Cambodian acoustic duo Sophie and Kanchana.

Shu Came In Through the Bathroom Window

DJ Shu rocks The Beatles – pic: Tratorria Bello Facebook
Trattoria Bello is a small-but-perfectly-formed restaurant situated in the south-side area of Phnom Penh. The owners have swooped in to claim the coveted 'open mic night near Russian Market on a Monday night during rainy season' slot. The acoustic night will be hosted by DJ Shu (Love FM, Sharky Bar) and guest musicians will be asked to perform songs by The Beatles. If the Trattoria night becomes a regular thing, it will once again become possible to go to an open mic in Phnom Penh on every night from Sunday to Thursday. Check the regular gigs section of Leng Pleng for more details.

great things can happen at an open mic night – pic: www.kenedgar.com
Whatever you're up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and... see you around the traps! 
Joe Wrigley

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