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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 17th September 2015

The influence of Cambodian music continues to be felt across the globe this week as Dengue Fever embark on the European leg of their world tour in support of their latest album, The Deepest Lake. Check out the music video below for their song Tokay. Cambodian lead singer Chhom Nimol and her band are based in California. This week they will be bringing their unique brand of psychedelic rock'n'roll to The Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom (Dengue Fever website). Good luck guys, and don't forget to come and see us in Cambodia sometime soon!

Sailing boldly forth in search of... the $151m Japanese grant (Cambodia Daily)
for improvement of Phnom Penh's drainage system? pic – Hanuman blog
As the threat of tropical rainstorms hangs over the region, certain areas of Phnom Penh may once again be turned into unwanted water theme parks this weekend. Heavy and sudden rainfall certainly disrupts the music scene - but a few washed-out gigs, flooded motorcycles and 'lol' Facebook photo posts of people floating down Street 13 on rubber dinghies seem trifling compared to the grievous damage caused to homes and businesses every time it rains hard in the city. Still, we can all be reassured by the helpful advice and guidance offered by the municipal government after previous flash flooding, last month: “We know clearly that the people are really having difficulties, so please prepare and store important things carefully...We will somehow get the drainage system to flow fast everywhere.” ('Record Rainfall Prompts Debate Over Drainage', The Cambodia Daily, August 3, 2015) – good to know that the powers that be have ('somehow') got it covered!

Pavel – The Remarkable Ramirez
Come rain or shine, we can rely on the hardy perennial venues of Phnom Penh to deliver some great gigs over the weekend. Friday night will be kicked off with a solo performance by Nas Bossalover at The Alleycat Cafe. Nas has an exceptionally laid-back, fluid style of delivery, suited to his repertoire of Brazilian bossa-nova, mainstream jazz... 'and one Thai song!'. Pavel 'zargz' Ramirez is a Chilean-Swedish singer-guitarist with a similarly cool and fluid style, known to be one of the hardest-working members of the Phnom Penh music scene. Pavel will be performing an early show at Eluvium Lounge on Saturday night, promising a modern edge to his set: 'For this one I'll keep to songs from this Millennium and mix it with some Latin magic'

Bona fide U.S. hip-hop legend DJ Cash Money is back in the city on Saturday night at NOVA Club. The Philadelphia-born turntable innovator's long list of credentials include releasing his first album in 1987, working with famous artists such as P.M. Dawn, The Roots, Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip in the 1990's, and winning all three major DJ championships in one year! Check out the video above for a real 'old school' lesson in the art of DJ-ing... not a laptop, CDJ, or electronic DJ controller in sight!

Vibratone - roots reggae from Phnom Penh - pic: supplied
Vibratone will be performing under the rain-covers at FCC – The Mansion on Saturday. Even with a little inclement weather, the atmospheric and unique charm of the old French colonial building is hard to beat in terms of music venues in Phnom Penh. In terms of local bands, the infectious roots-reggae grooves of Vibratone are also hard to beat. The sextet always play totally live and always play only their own original music – their debut album is due later this year. A second keyboardist, Jon Banules (The Fumes, Soular Eclipse), has also been added to bring a further sonic dimension to their sound. Cool way to get down on Saturday!

The 'Sarawan' Twins – pic: Ken Edgar
Miss Sarawan Band have recently added a more funky element to their sound in the form of percussionist KCM Nayabinghi. The French drummer's distinctive visual style and hypnotic beats are a fixture in the nightclubs and reggae bars of Phnom Penh. In 'Miss Sarawan', KCM's drums accompany acoustic guitar and Tro ('Khmer violin'). The quirky quintet, fronted by identical twin vocalists Lay Mealea and Mealai, bring their unique take on Khmer rock'n'roll classics to Doors Phnom Penh this Wednesday. Miss Sarawan Band have their own original songs too, including new composition 'Snow Train' – featured below.


Whatever you're up to over the next few days... stay safe out there and... see you around the traps!

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