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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 18th February 2016

Japan Guitar Shop and Cafe
Leng Pleng is always pleased to hear about new scenes and new venues springing up in Phnom Penh. Tonight (Thursday), Takeshi Yamamuchi will host an open jam session at the Japan Guitar Shop and Cafe (also known as 'Duke's Bar') near Russian market. Mr. Yamamuchi is a jazz guitarist but will welcome players of any style, with free drinks offered to those who take part in the jam.

Kampot Playboys are in Siem Reap for Chub Met festival.
pic: Arttu Karpannen/Banyan Tree Kampot

The Kampot Playboys will play Laundry Bar in Siem Reap on Friday night. The gig will be their second-ever Angkor show, following a raucous set at Krung Meas last (Wednesday) night in the 'Khmer Pub Street' area of the city. The Kampot quintet impressed the Cambodian audience with their full-throttle fusion of Khmer and Western rock. One of the more virtuosic members of the band is the 'Jimi Hendrix of the Tro' - Bong Nyet. A man of few words off the stage, he is an astounding lead player during every Playboys performance - extracting seemingly impossible melodic lines from the humble 'Khmer Violin'. The stage is set for a great party at Laundry on Friday.

Amund Maarud unveils new Cambodian collaboration on Saturday
pic: artist pictures blog

The Kampot Playboys show is part of the ongoing Dontrey Chub Met music festival in Siem Reap. The festival will culminate with a gala concert on Saturday, set to take place at the Old Stadium on Charles de Gaulle boulevard. The six-hour show will feature an extremely rare Cambodian performance by Khmer Surin singer Khong Khoy and a unique collaboration between a Cambodian national treasure - Master Kong Nay - and visiting Norwegian musician Amund Maarud. Master Kong Nay has recently 'gone electric' - having pick-ups fitted to his Chapei Dong Weng instrument at 60 Road Studios in Siem Reap. Ace blues guitarist Amund convened with him there to cut some tracks for a forthcoming recording release. Hear a premiere performance of their exciting joint work at the Dontrey Chub Met festival this Saturday. Check the festival website for full schedule details.

In Phnom Penh on Saturday, the group of bars situated in Bassac Lanes will host a performance by Bob Passion & The Schkoots. The diminutive Bob is a French punk with boundless energy and an obvious love for the hard-rocking brand of guitar music that he purveys around South-East Asia. He is more than ably-assisted by the 'tight and loud' drumming style of Jan 'Professor Kinski' Mueller and the dexterous, driving bass of Ben Schkoot. Check out the above video clip for a preview of the band's recent foray into the recording studio.

Clay George plays The Exchange every Sunday

Canadian singer-songwriter Clay George will continue his weekly residency at The Exchange on Sunday afternoon. The salubrious surroundings are a good fit for the always-immaculately-dressed George. Like his tailor-made suits, Clay's singing and guitar playing are always of the best standard. Check out Leng Pleng's Q&A with Clay George here. You can also see the singer perform at Farm to Table on Friday night.

Whatever you're up to over the next few days... stay safe out there and... see you around the traps!  


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