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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 21st April 2016

Musicien extraordinaire S├ębastien Adnot is preparing for another genre-defying concert of live music tonight (Thursday) at Institut Francais du Cambodge in Phnom Penh. When he is not driving the Hot Club de Phnom Penh gypsy jazz trio with his double bass, Seb can be found creating original Cambodian-Dub Reggae sounds with Dub Addiction or Papa Dub or DJ-ing for international reggae stars. At an early-evening show tonight, Seb will be teaming up with French rapper 12ME, percussionist Jean-Luc Danna, tro ('Khmer Violin') player Vana and roneat ('Khmer Xylophone') player Chomran for a special performance of hip-hop fusion. Superbe!

Over at Showbox in Phnom Penh tonight, 9999 Arts Group will continue their journey into the downbeat, groovy, hypnotic and original music they call 'Gothic Blues'. The live music is combined with video projections of original camera footage from 1980's New York City – captured by Max Jones. Max (guitar, vocals) will be joined by percussionist Pervaz Gulzar and bassist David 'Canadian Dave' Zdriluk - a captivating combination!

A unique evening of Cambodian music will be taking place at Cloud in Phnom Penh on Friday night, when the musicians of Kok Thlok will hit the stage alongside Batbangers and two very interesting special guests. A full evening of entertainment and culture will begin with traditional instruments and Apsara dancing, continue with a rock show by Batbangers and conclude with a set of Cambodian fusion music by Kok Thlok. The large Kok Thlok ensemble employs modern instruments alongside traditional Khmer tro and roneat. Cambodian rapper Jessica 'Lisha' Srin and Cambodian Space Project chanteuse Channthy 'Srey Thy' Kak will also be performing with Kok Thlok - quite a line-up!

Video: The Crazy Dogs prepare to shoot videos, make records and conquer battles of bands!

A short river crossing away from Phnom Penh, in Kandal Province, cool musical things are happening at a small recording studio operated by Yab Moung Records and Cam Projects. Bassist Ned Kelly got in touch with Leng Pleng to bring us up-to-date. His band, Nightmare AD, have recently finished recording an EP at the studio and future recording sessions are slated for fellow bands Phnom Skor and Doch Ckae. Cambodian rockers Doch Ckae (The Crazy Dogs) were the proud winners of the $500 winner-take-all Battle of The Bands held at Otres Market during Khmer New Year week. Watch this space for more information about forthcoming Yab Moung Records activity. Nightmare AD's recording is currently being mixed by Damani 'Danzo' Ke'Aloha. Check out this cool piece written for Leng Pleng by lead singer Mike Priest – entitled A Noisome Birth in Fevered Times: Phnom Penh’s NIGHTMARE A.D. - to learn more about the band:

I decided to go on a holiday and check out Cambodia for the first time. Having travelled South-east Asia extensively in the past, I noticed that Cambodia was different and decided to plant myself down in Phnom Penh. …

As for lyrical inspiration, seeing (and sometimes experiencing) the poverty, the crime and the corruption living in Phnom Penh provides much fuel for vitriolic, angered expressions. Aside from the expat community, life in Cambodia isn’t easy by any means; the harshness of reality really bites deep, thus the lyrics of NIGHTMARE A.D. are a reflection of all these malignant tumours that grow in the seedy underbelly of Cambodian society.

Click here to read the full article by Mike Priest

Whatever you're up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and... see you around the traps!




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