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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 7th April 2016

French rapper 12Mé ('douz-meh') recently made the decision to spend more time in Cambodia, working on his music and continuing the creative partnership he founded with Sok 'Cream' Visal of KlapYaHandz. It is great news for the music and arts scene to have another creative, skilled and experience artist in Cambodia, and doubly great when that artist is working directly to create new Cambodian music! Watch this space for more news of the musical collaboration between 12Mé, Visal and rising Khmer singing star Oun. In the meantime, you can hear 12Mé DJ and perform his own music at a special session at Cloud on Friday night in Phnom Penh. 


Equinox was the go-to venue for 12Mé and his saxophone-playing musical partner Raph for their previous visits to the Kingdom of Wonder: '...that was one of the best bars in the city to perform in. The crowd was always down to discover new artists and the staff always friendly. Nuff respect to Marco and Anthony for their true love for music.' (12Mé, Equinox Archives). One year has passed since the seminal Phnom Penh venue was shuttered, prior to Khmer New Year 2015. In that space of time, a number of city venues have come and gone but the Equinox site has remained unused and abused on Street 278. No-one has yet taken up the challenge to create a dedicated, permanent and fully-equipped Phnom Penh live music space in the same spirit of the venue owned by Marco Salvetti and managed by Anthony Mrugacz.

For Sale: the famous Equinox stage sign

Fortunately, the spirit of Equinox lives on through the Equinox Archives – an 'online museum' created by Mrugacz. Here you will find hundreds of gig posters, anecdotes and testimonials from band members and and video clips from the concerts held at Equinox. You can even purchase some of the last remaining Equinox and - if you really want to own a piece of musical history - you can buy the entire 350-hour audio archive!

Rawkus: RTM rock Sharky Bar – pic: Steve Porte

A few doors further down Street 278, Duplex will continue to ramp up their live music schedule with a gig by Road To Mandalay this Saturday night. The band are a hard-rocking 'power trio' consisting of Tracy Farrell (vocals, bass guitar), Adam Schumacher (guitar) and 'The Amazing' Antti Siitonen (drums). RTM play their own original music and they play it loud. The band usually attracts a lively crowd and will look to get the entire street rocking on Saturday.

Otres Market will be shaken to its very foundations this coming Monday, when a fierce, winner-takes-all, pre-Khmer New Year Battle of The Bands will take place. The stakes are high, with a $500 cash first prize offered... and no prizes for second place! The event will start in the afternoon, with bands limited to a three-song/fifteen minute first-round slot. The finale of the battle will take place in the evening when two finalists will face off with twenty-minute sets. At time of writing, the line-up of the Sihanoukville battle is a closely-guarded secret, but organiser Tam Bryce told Leng Pleng: 'Our music scene is great at present, and has been all season. A couple of bands split up recently but a few more have sprung from the ashes of that so we are hoping for a good level of competition come Monday!' The event sounds like it will be very entertaining and a lot of fun (...but maybe not so much fun for the second-place band!).

Whatever you're up to over the next few days... stay safe out there and... see you around the traps! 



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