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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 19th May 2016

Greetings, Leng Pleng readers. As mentioned in last week's wrap, the late, great, Michael 'Big Mike' Hsu often expressed his wish for a block-busting party-to-end-all-parties to mark the end of his time as principal owner at Sharky Bar, Phnom Penh. The party would necessarily comprise of a large number of awesome live music performances, run over a period of days and, most importantly to Mike, everyone in attendance would have to have a really great time! It would be extremely hard to put a festival together that could out-do Mike's previous 'Penhstock' live music festivals and the recent Sharky Bar twentieth anniversary celebrations... but Mike was determined to do it!

Let's get this party started... Mike style! pic: Steve Porte

Sharky Bar managers Ryan Wright and Shuhei Murakami have, in a very short space of time, put together the packed schedule for this weekend's 'Mikestock' celebrations. The 30-plus band and DJ line-up is a powerhouse list of Cambodian-based bands that would surely make the big man proud. Appropriately, the styles of music represented at Mikestock are numerous and wide-reaching. From original punk-rockers (The Schkoots, Sharky Ramones) to 1920's-era jazz manouche (Hot Club de Phnom Penh), from a gritty modern rockabilly singer flown in from Hong Kong (Ziad Samman) to a flat-top folk-picker blown in from British Columbia (Clay George), and from classic bar band blues-rock (Lost Highway, Chi-Town) to cutting edge Cambodian hardcore (Doch Chkae).

Check out the Leng Pleng Gig Guide below for full details of the Mikestock schedule, running from 6pm at Sharky Bar this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The depth, breadth and quality of the line-up is a fitting tribute to Big Mike, who – especially in the last couple of years – made a big effort to bring original music, exciting music and music of Cambodian origin to the 'longest running rock'n'roll bar in Indochina'.

The CSP will be getting their feet wet in Kompong Som on Saturday. pic: Jeremie Montessuis/Film Noir Studio/CSP

Julien Poulson and Channthy Kak of The Cambodian Space Project have made time for a special appearance at Sharky Bar – to open the Mikestock proceedings – during the early evening of Friday. Julien and Channthy have an early-morning call on Saturday morning, as the 'Motown To The Mekong' tour bus rolls on to Ochheuteal Beach, Sihanoukville for a live show at Chivas Beach Club. The gig will wrap up the CSP's three-week nationwide series of concerts, recording and panel events – and may be the last chance to see the band perform in Cambodia for some length of time.

Conrad Keely will be performing at Sharky Bar on Sunday night as the Mikestock festival draws to a close. The ...Trail of Dead frontman, based permanently in Phnom Penh, recently released his superb debut solo album 'Original Machines'. Click here to read the full Leng Pleng review of the album, and check out the newly-released music video below - directed by Rosza Miller – for the album track 'Engines Of The Dark'.

Whatever you're up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and... see you around the traps!


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