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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 14th July 2016

Joie de vivre!

Happy French National Day! As befitting a city with such a strong French community, there are a number of Bastille Day-themed events taking place in Phnom Penh tonight. Maestro Phil Javelle will be at the Governor's House with partner-in-rhythm Lewis Pragasam and guest vocalist Magali Nicolas. Kiss Kiss Bong will be performing 'pop and folk classics, French and English songs' at Tonle Bassac hangout Cloud. The newly-formed trio consists of Alice on violin, Solene on piano and Remi on cajon. 

video: Norman King (tenor sax, right of picture) guested with Richy & Friends at Est. Bar

Over at Est. Bar tonight, Richy & Friends will be reprising their excellent jazz ensemble. It is really quite something to see Larry Martinez (keys), Andrey Meshcheryakov (bass) and Euan Gray (tenor sax) tearing through jazz classics with their dazzling technical ability, energy and passion - while drummer Richy Boisson keeps the quartet moving along with his deft touch and clockwork timing.

The lesser-spotted jazz guitarist:
Takeshi Yamauchi at Bouchon
– pic: Takeshi Yamauchi Facebook

While Phnom Penh is fortunate to have some really excellent Jazz musicians playing around town on a weekly basis, the art of jazz guitar playing is somewhat under-represented at the moment. We could name several hot drummers, horn players, keyboardists and bassists but it is much harder to find a gigging guitar player with those hard-won jazz chops. Takeshi Yamauchi of the Japan Guitar Shop is perhaps the sole practitioner to be heard at the moment. Takeshi will bringing his beautiful archtop guitars and expert playing to Farm to Table on Friday, accompanying the smooth jazz vocals of his partner Machiko. Jazz music lovers in the Kingdom of Wonder be advised that a new dedicated live club will be opening in Phnom Penh within the next couple of weeks – watch this Leng Pleng space for more details!

Danny Lumen at Oscar's – pic: Jim Heston
A true veteran of the Phnom Penh music scene will be in action on multiple occasions this weekend. As a house player for Memphis Pub, Oscar Bar and scores of other bands and venues, bassist Danny Lumen has been one of the musical foundations of the city since the mid-nineties. The indefatigable Filipino has recently dusted off his upright bass to lend an authentic 1950's element to rockabilly trio Joe & The Jumping Jacks. Danny will be joining the Jacks at new venue Botanico early on Saturday evening. The hugely versatile and skilled bassist will also be appearing with hard rock trio JADermeister at Sharky Bar on Friday night and the Oscar's On The Corner house band Antti-Venom on Sunday evening. Rock on Danny!

Sharky Bar have scheduled a bumper Battle of The Bands for early next month. Organiser Aleksei Khalchenia has put forward a first prize of 'a full sound recording session (including mixing & mastering) with a professional sound producer. Other prizes will be awarded from sponsors and Sharky Bar.' To sign up for the event, set to take place on the 5th, 6th and 12th August, contact Aleksei via Lioha-h@mail.ru
'Not just rock’n’roll but spaced-out rock’n’roll jungle cabaret!' pic – CSP website
More exciting news has reached Leng Pleng Towers this week - from mission control of The Cambodian Space Project. Space commander Julien Poulson filled us in on the band's tour plans over the next few months, which will include performances at the Splendor In The Grass festival in Byron Bay, the No Borders festival in Bern, and further dates in Geneva, Brussels and Singapore! The Cambodian Space Project plan to play on home soil again in August – check out the band's website for all the latest updates. In the meantime, CSP have released a suite of new music videos – each of the tracks produced by legendary U.S. music producer Jim Diamond and recorded at Siem Reap's own 60 Road Studios. Check out the promo for Demon Lover below and see Julien's Youtube channel for all the CSP videos.

Whatever you're up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and... see you around the traps!

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