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The Leng Pleng Gig Guide comes out on a Thursday or Friday of every week

About Us

We can be contacted on +855 (0)12 832509 or:

Leng Pleng literally means "play music" in Khmer - the language of Cambodia.

This web site has been created in order to facilitate communications between musicians, DJs, people hosting musical events and people going to see music events in Cambodia. The idea is to have a means of allowing all those involved to share ideas and communicate about gigs, music stores, equipment, tabs & chords etc. or anything else that is of interest to those following music in Cambodia.

Essentially we are a mailing list and online publication. There are, in fact, two mailing lists and two online publications.
The first mailing list is just musicians, DJs and people who host musical events (i.e.: the Publicans). Every week we send out a message to the first mailing list to ask for any new gigs / events that are coming up. We then collate and organize the list of events (called a gig guide) and email it every Thursday to both the first and second mailing lists – plus we post it on the main web site. The second mailing list comprises the punters and patrons (i.e.: people who like to go to see the music events and frequent establishments hosting musical shows).

There are two online publications also. The first is the main web site at http://www.LengPleng.com. It contains the most relevant long term information and is updated daily. It is an ongoing record of all the gig-guides, band & DJ details and links, venue details and links, and music classifieds.

Secondly there is the Leng Pleng Facebook page. You can find it at http://www.facebook.com/LengPleng/. To join all you need to do is to go to the link and click the LIKE button. The Facebook page will act as the social networking service of the web site and has updates and comments from everyone who has joined.

What you can do, if possible is to:
  • Join one of the mailing lists
  • Send an email to us if you have news about any time you or a friend is playing somewhere or hosting a gig
  • Write stories or comments about stories on the Facebook page
  • Tell others about the web site, Facebook page and mailing lists
  • Support us by purchasing paid advertising space on the web site or the emailed weekly newsletter

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