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Music Classifieds

Looking For Guitarist

We are a band looking for a lead guitarist to play original songs written by vocalist/guitarist Joshua Chiang and bassist Tim Dep. Style are in the pop/rock/funk catergory.  

Some of the original songs we will play can be found here - 

Interested parties please email me at joshuachiangsl@gmail.com


Drummer Required
We are a band looking for a drummer to play original songs written by vocalist/guitarist Joshua Chiang and bassist Tim Dep. Style are in the pop/rock/funk catergory.  

Some of the original songs we will play can be found here - 

Interested parties please email me at joshuachiangsl@gmail.com

Looking for lead guitarist or keyboardist

Band is looking for lead guitarist or keyboardist to play New Year's Eve gig . 60s- modern Pop-rock style + some originals. Has potential for future gigs. Message me on FB or email - joshuachiangsl@gmail.com

Band Required

Band required to play at the bar.

Keith McCarter
011 963 365

Looking for Musician

Hello from Ellys Bar and Grill in PP

Our bar/restaurant is looking for solo or duo performers to play on a thursday/friday

Preferably acoustic but we are open to any style/genre
Please contact Clinton on 096 691 4337 for more details

Bass Guitar for sale

Charvel (?) bass guitar for sale. Vintage 1980's P J style bass. Solid, great build quality passive bass, with a high mass bridge, and unique wiring design producing a great range of tones. It can go from deep lows to sounding almost like a guitar. This makes it good for rock, metal, pop, slapping, funk or "lead bass". This bass sells for a lot on Ebay USA. You can try it before you buy it. $225.0

Email or text me NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE
Phone: 092 489 273

Yamaha bass for Sale

Vintage Yamaha bass, model RBX 800A, with active electronics.
The active electronics are really powerful. It has super low end and
very clear midrange and highs. It's perfect for any style of music.
This was one of Yamaha's top end basses of the day, highly
collectable, made only in 1986 and 1987. It has a 24 fret, 6 bolt
neck. You can try it before you buy it. $250.00
Email or text me NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE

Phone: 092 489 273

Legend Jazz Bass for sale

Very well made, fast slim neck, and low action. Many upgrades: bone
nut, strings through the body, set up with Dean Markley Blue Steel
strings and Seymour Duncan Q P pickups. It almost sounds active
because the pickups are really powerful.
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound passive pickups sound insane, like a jazz
bass on steroids. It's like playing a cannon.  You can dial in any
tone and this bass will kick ass, if you slap it, it'll slap you
back.... You can try it before you buy it. $225.00.
Email or text me NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE

Phone: 092 489 273

Guitars - Amp. – Effects Peddle - moving sale

1. Gibson USA Dobro Hound Dog Deluxe Acoustic Electric guitar
I bought this guitar brand new in the states last year and it’s in mint condition. I had the action setup at Sam Ash in Los Angeles so it plays awesome and sounds great. Really fun guitar to play in standard tuning and for slide guitar. to import this guitar with tax and shipping would be easily around $500 Selling for $350. b/o

2. Fender Bullet – Squier Strat, Stratocaster COS Model
Awesome sound guitar in excellent condition with humbucker bridge pickup! COS Model are the best quality Squier made just Google it! And you can watch lots of video on YouTube about the guitar. Strat Sale $250. b/o

3. Randall RG8040 70watt Amp. From USA
Great powerful amp clean or with distortion in good condition. Amp has a few small ding but sold amp. 110v need so needs a 220v converter cost 20-30 dollars. I have a converter to test the amp but not for sale. Amp sale $160. b/o  

4. NUX MG-100 Effect and pedal
55 mutable programmable effects with gain and wah-wah pedal
Watch YouTube video on the effects pretty awesome! Sale for $60.

5. K Mockingbird Electric Guitar
It’s a copy of the B.C. Rich Mockingbird Electric Guitar. Guitar has a Seymour Duncan pickup. I purchased the guitar from the Pocko at Sharky Bar and was going to modify the guitar but don’t have the time. Sell for $60.    

Take advantage of these great deals!!! I’m relocating mid October so everything must go. Call/text Mark 0966838405

Controller for sale

Ableton Push 2 Controller + Ableton Live Suite 9 Software License
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Brand new and barely unboxed!
If you are familiar with Ableton, then you know what this is! The very best Ableton controller, hands down, made by Ableton for Ableton Live with every feature you'd ever want and a stunningly beautiful premium build quality.
If you aren't familiar with Ableton but would like to know more, check out this link:
And you'll be receiving this just in time to take advantage of the Ableton Live 9.7 Update which has significant refinements and features added for the Push!
This bundle - the Push 2 Controller + Ableton Live Suite 9 + MAX for Live - sells for $1400 retail. But you'd have to pay shipping and customs duties on it if you ordered one yourself and an item this expensive can sometimes be taxed for up to 20% of its value. Your real price with shipping and so forth might be closer to $1700.
Purchase this one today for $1400 with no hassles! You normally wouldn't see this for sale in Cambodia period, and I'm not asking for a dime more than it is actually worth! Got another number in mind? Make an offer! (Serious offers only, please.)
I am selling this bundle for a friend who is in a financial bind. They ordered it but never got to use it because they had to leave Cambodia and fly home. Aside from my checking to make sure that it's working and upgrading the firmware in the process, it is brand new, unsullied and unblemished, and it comes in the box with all of its accessories.
The software licenses have been registered to a GMAIL account created expressly for this purpose, to act as a means of transfer. Upon purchase of the bundle, I will give you the GMAIL account and the linked Ableton account, at which point you can change the passwords and claim total ownership of the licenses, as you please. I haven't used any other identifying information that would allow me to reclaim the accounts under any circumstances. The licenses and associated rights, to download a fully functional Live Suite + all of the Max For Live sound packages + regular updates, to whatever computer you're using, or as many times as you'd like, will be yours and yours alone.
Please contact me at +855 16 505 745 if you are interested. SMS is preferred.

Guitar Amp For Sale

contact info:

Headphones AKG K267 Tiesto for sale

Headphones AKG K267 Tiesto,

Never used, still packed up.

Price: 140$

Ref:  http://www.akg.com/pro/p/k267tiesto

088 988 25 98 (Sihanoukville)

Looking for musician

needing an aspiring jazz pianist for a single gig in phnom penh, three days from 24August. singing is a bonus, as well as a portable electronic keyboard. must know classic standards such as 'how high the moon, etc".
contact 8n2720@gmail.com for more info.

 Fender guitar for sale

I want to sell my fender David Leauzo Dragon
guitar made in Mexico. It's 900$.

Guitar and Amp for Sale

Selling 6 strings electric guitar Yamaha and Marshall Valvestate 10Wt Amplifier. Included: case for the guitar and 4m electric cord. Selling as a set only. Price is negotiable.

Price: US$300
Phone: 070 697 915
Location: Phnom Penh, Riverside near FCC.

Bands Required

Greetings musicians!
We're excited to inform you that you are invited to participate in Battle of the Bands- Phnom Penh Crew music festival-competition, to be held at Sharky Bar on 5-6 August (semi-finals) and 12 August (final).
Audience members will vote or the best band, and whoever gets the most votes wins. First prize will be a full sound recording session (including mixing & mastering) with a professional sound producer. Other prizes will be awarded from sponsors and Sharky Bar.
If you would like to participate, please send a message via email with "Battle of the Bands" in the subject line to Lioha-h@mail.ru by July 18, including the following information:
1. Your band's name and when it was formed
2. Musical style
3. Band members' names (for example: Guitar- George Harrison, drums- Ringo Starr, vocals- John Lennon, bass and vocals- Paul McCartney)
4. Your band's logo (if you have one) to include on posters and flyers
5. Your Facebook page and/or website (if you have one)
Once we get your information, we will send an email confirming your participation and with instructions.
For comments, questions, or more details, please send an email to Lioha-h@mail.ru
We look forward to your email and can't wait to hear you play!
Aleksei Khalchenia


Aleksei Khalchenia

+855 69 928647
Skype: bublik12

Seeking for Christian Musicians

My name is David and I am looking for any Christian musicians who wants to play with me christian music for inspiration, worshipping, witnessing purposes. I am songwriter, play guitar and sing, I have drum set, bass and studio room for practice.

016634414 David

Seeking Aspiring Female Vocalist

Prefer rock/pop styles w/ some classic blues. Gigs are Phenom Penh based. We are a guitar, bass, drums unit and sometimes keyboards. High enery, live and fun.
Please reply to email or you can send a pm to my fb:
"jo-ee yeesipet"

Looking for gigs

Hi there, I am currently living in otres, sihanoukville and I am looking for gigs in PP or SR as well as SHK... I am a well seasoned singer/songwriter and guitarist. I have been playing every week at otres market as well as hosting sunday nights at wish you were here in otres.


Bass amp for sale

Marshall MB15, 15 watt amp, for sale.  Bought new from Madison music, still under warranty until November 2016.  Hardly used😢.  I'm in Kampong Cham, but can deliver to Phnom Penh.
Really nice sound and light! Check reviews on Musicians Friend.  $150.  Richard @ 017894330

Cymbals Bosphorus Latin Edition for sale

For sale: Cymbals Bosphorus Latin Edition (set of 4) .
Barely used, bought 700$ and selling 580$.

If interested , please call Fred: 06666 1567

DJs Wanted!!!

CTN, The Cambodian Television Network, is currently searching for for DJ's who would want to perform in our new weekly television show “The Remix" that is a competition between the top local DJ's! The exposure of being a DJ in our show is off the charts and will give a huge boost to a DJ's reputation and brand name awareness!
If you are interested and would like more information about performing on our show please send an email to tim.scott@ctn.com.kh

Mixer with Effects for sale

FOR SALE: 12 Channel Mixer with Effects. 4 Preamps with Phantom Power. USB connection to record 12 separate channels!! Ideal for home recording or live venue. $230

Contact Hal: 077557919

Forming Band

I'm trying to start up an acoustic 3-4 piece band doing West African influenced music. I.e. Tumani Diabate and Ali Farka Toure.

I am guitar, have bass player, need percussionist-- and would like another instrument not quite so common; like violin, marimba, keys, traditional Cambodian instrument. The Kora being the ultimate-- but I think it near impossible to find a Kora player, here.

Contact: Guitman.963@yandex.com

ROKIT 6 3rd Generation for sale

i have 2 ROKIT 6 3rd Generation for sale, 
bought 2 years ago 295$ each, 
170$ each.

I am located in Sihanoukville, 
my phone is: 088 988 25 98

Guitar effects for sale

Two guitar pedals. each one $20 !! :^)
don't need buy both, can buy one or both. if you buy both, i can give little bit discount.

Contact: Jo

Electric Guitar For Sale

Saw this baby in a Japanese second hand store and it was love at first sight. He's a late 60's/ early 70's Japanese (Firstman) made Mosrite Combo, has a couple of dings around the edge/back but looks good for his age. Serial number FMC0095 on the bottom fret and original Mosrite pick-ups and tailpiece. I regret not making the time to play him and am now moving overseas. Will sell in three weeks to the best offer.
Email me if you want more details. tracyyuen87@gmail.com
$900 OBO

Headphone Guitar Amp

Joe Satriani Vox Amplug Headphone Amp $50
excellent distortion and clean sounds. able to also plug into fender strat jack.

Contact: Jo


Wanted French Singer

We are Riverside Bistro, we are looking for singer who can sing french song in event of french's night on 09.04.16. Please contact me before 5th April.

Thank you
Tel: 081 241 007


Fiddle player looking for band

I'm an American that plays American style fiddle, mostly old time and bluegrass. Lived in Appalachia for a while. Could back up a singer or supplement an Americana band. Know some Irish tunes as well, but not as polished. and if you need any other type of musician, I may be able to help connect you too.

email, call or text Doug @
855 95703596

Drum for sale

Great condition and sound, used for a few months. Selling because of noise complaints at the bar.

-High quality Bosphorus Cymbals 4-pack (ride, crash, hats).
-Mapex 5-piece kit (1 tom-tom not pictured) with all hardware (throne, stands, pedal, etc).
-Extra heavy duty cymbal stand.

$650 OBO, bought for $900. 


Hardshell guitar case for sale

Hardshell guitar case fits Les Paul style guitars. $20 or best offer. Only available 9 and 10 April.

Message me at +(95) 97 8297 1959

Drummer Available

I'm a drumer form taiwan
before play bands for 7 years
now i only want looking for a drum or bands for play
I come here for a while no have chance to play a drum
is there any where have some player Jam music in some club


For Sale/Lease - Led Zephyr Live Music Venue, Restaurant and Bar 

Established just over 4 years ago, "The Led Zephyr" is one of Sihanoukville's premier nightspots. On the best location in Ochheauteal, this venue is known for great entertainment with good value food and drink and still has huge potential for growth.

10 year lease ends November 2022
Land rent: $1,000pcm (if bought)
20 Staff incl Managers

270 sqm with indoor seating for 100+ people and outdoor seating for 50+ people
Treehouse with seating for 10+ people
Fully equipped kitchen
Extensive food and drink menu
Two bars - guitar shaped bar for 30+ people to socialise and service bar for increased drink production in the evening
Fully programmed POS and accounting system
9m stage fully equipped for live music

One room apartment on site with en-suite bathroom and closet, big enough for two people

Offers around $125,000 or $2,500pcm (incl. land rent)

Contact Andy Jopson at andy@theledzephyr.com or call 077 895150

Male Lead Singer and Entertainer Available

All style male Singer available for band gigs. Low, Medium, High Range Vocalist. Rock, Blues, Funk, Punk, Country. Old School Style to New Style. Reliable and Professional.

Also available, Singer-Guitarist-Entertainer for One Man Show-Solo Gigs. 
Very extensive repertoire, (1000, song's plus). Reasonable Rates.

Please call Graham. 015651022. or email: grazzacain@yahoo.com

Need Band For Event

20 March 6-9 pm
Music - soft classic pop songs, instrumentals, not hard rock, not dancing

Budget - 300 $

Call to 016634414 Sergey

Compact PA for Sale


(Originally purchased new, outside Cambodia: USA manufacturer).
Very high quality compact PA ideal for:
• small “shop house” type pub which puts on live music;
• additional stage monitors for an existing PA set up
• high end stage “back line” for keyboards / synthesiser
• recording / practice studio monitors
• home hi-fi alternative

Consisting of:

TWO: PL250 Mono Power Amplifiers each with 9 band graphic EQ
Rated output 200W into 4 ohms, (can actually go down to 2 ohms).
Two quarter inch mono jack socket speaker outputs (as well as posts),
Two quarter inch mono jack socket signal (line level) inputs,
as well as single XLR input.

Can be 19” rack-mounted. 220 Volt power input.
TWO: CX4C Loudspeaker Cabinets (reflex – IE: vented) with 12” driver
and mid-range / treble horn (with internal passive cross-over).
Rated up to 190W RMS. Rugged enclosure, with carrying handle.

Also: Two long lengths of heavy duty copper cable (for loudspeaker
installation) and two short loudspeaker connections (jack to jack).
Two short signal input leads, (2x phono and one 1/8” stereo jack).
Manufacturer's manual for Power Amps.

This equipment is very well made, and provides great quality reproduction across the
entire audio spectrum. It works particularly well with vocals / acoustic instruments
where there is really sharp definition in the mid / upper range. Can be driven directly
from a computer, iPod, or CD player, as well as from a mixing board.


USD 800 O.N.O.



Fender Strat Made in Japan for Sale

I want to sale my fender guitar of Japan. It's 500$.

My tel 011628043.

My Email ( sindavin@gmail )

Electric Bass for Sale (Sihanoukville)

Music Man Singray 4 Sub series (Made in USA) from 12-2003, not the Indonesian sub series by Sterling but the original first Sub series made by Music Man in San Luis Obispo California.

Classic Stingray body shape and eq (2 bands), instrument in great condition, no issues, straight neck, fully functional trussrod. The original pickguard has been replaced by a 3 ply black stingray, strap buttons replaced by Schaller straplocks, a line of red leds powered by 9 v battery has been added on the upper side of the neck as fret markers (very useful in the dark with a rosewood fretboard black neck). 

Price : 800 usd

This instrument can be checked in Sihanoukville.

Please E-mail me if interested : tontonian@hotmail.fr

YAMAHA 'Silent' Guitar for Sale, Phnom Penh

An opportunity to own an original YAMAHA SG-100S 'Silent' steel-stringed 'acoustic' guitar. 

Contact: Joe

08979 8074

This SG-100S is in near-mint condition, expertly set-up and ready to play. Purchased new in Japan in 2012, this 'Silent' guitar has been carefully looked-after by one owner and rarely used. All the original features – such as the onboard reverb/delay and auxillary input – are working perfectly. An engineer has also installed a very cool extra feature on this particular guitar: a noiseless 'standby' switch to save battery life between sets and mute the guitar during tuning!


The SG-100S was designed as a travel/practice acoustic guitar but it is too good to leave at home! This is a full-scale (25”) high-quality instrument. It plays like a dream, with a full bass sound and a very well-defined mid-frequency response – making it a favourite choice for jazz manouche and other jazz players. The 'Silent Guitar' means no more feedback during gigs! The mahogany, maple and rosewood construction is of a high-end guitar, but this one breaks down into a small package. Use the FREE quality hard case or break it down into your backpack!

This YAMAHA SG-100S 'Silent' Guitar is available immediately at $500 (Phnom Penh).

Click HERE for full spec

Click HERE for Music Radar review

Click HERE to watch on Youtube


  • REVERB/DELAY settings built-in
  • TWO independent outputs (phones/jack) and AUX input – IDEAL for practice
  • MODIFIED with noiseless standby switch to save battery life
  • Breaks down into an EASY-TO-CARRY package
  • FREE hard case
  • Near-MINT condition
  • Priced at $500 for IMMEDIATE SALE

Contact: Rich


Call 066 301 187

Lead Vocalist Required, Phnom Penh.

Knell’ (Heavy Metal Band) require a singer. 

We are a gigging, Phnom Penh, Cambodia based, expat band. We're looking for a lyricist/vocalist who can help contribute to our originals and bring a voice to our sound. We have around 10 - 12 originals and a few covers in our repertoire. Cover songs by bands, such as Tool, Gojira, and Deftones. We predominantly focus on writing our own original music though. 

If you're interested then contact us by sending us a message to our facebook account.  Thanks, take care.


FOR SALE: AKAI MPC1000 sampler/sequencer

The MPC1000 is a 64-track sampler/sequencer. It comes with 16 MB sample memory as standard, and can be expanded to 128 MB. It supports a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, in stereo or mono. Its features include a USB port, an internal CompactFlash card reader, two MIDI inputs and outputs, and effects and multiple analog outputs as standard. Its sequencer's resolution is 96 ppq. 

USB port (Mass Storage Class)
CompactFlash card reader
16 velocity sensitive pads
4 pad bank keys
2 MIDI inputs, 2 MIDI outputs
100,000 note capacity 64-track sequencer
16 MB sampling memory (upgradeable to 128 MB)
Effects as standard
Multiple analog outputs as standard
Mint condition including original packing.

Call Chris 0973 249424

PRS Guitar For Sale

PRS SE Custom 24 (Whale Blue - 2012): $500.00
This is a fantastic guitar. I don't want to sell it ... But I need the money and my economic misfortune will be music to your ears, right? I don't blame you for buying the guitar (but I will pity you for passing it up.)

Top Wood: Beveled Maple Top and Flame Maple Veneer
Back Wood: Mahogany
Number of Frets: 24
Scale Length: 25"
Neck Wood: Maple
Fretboard Wood: Rosewood
Neck Shape: Wide Thin
Fretboard Inlays: Birds
Bridge: PRS Designed Tremolo
Tuners: PRS Designed Tuners
Truss Rod Cover: "PRS"
Hardware Type: Nickel
Treble Pickup: PRS Designed SE HFS Treble
Bass Pickup: PRS Designed SE Vintage Bass
Pickup Switching: Volume and Push/Pull Tone Control with 3-Way Blade Pickup

In near-perfect shape (a small dent or two, nothing more) and it comes with a fancy padded PRS gig bag. Get it while the getting is good.
Email: kell0470@umn.edu or SMS to 071 450 7603

 Trio available Sihanoukville

We are a blue grass and blues trio ready to perform in Sihanoukville. For booking , please inquire by e mail.


Bass Practice Amp for Sale

Korean, Little Devil 40W Amp. It had a 6 inch speaker I replaced with a 12in. I also replaced the 110V transformer with one rated at 220V.

Gain, volume, bass and treble controls. It sounds great, quite loud for a practice amp. If you mic it, you could probably use it n stage. Try before you buy. $65.00 timdep63@gmail.com

Guitar Effects for Sale

Line 6 Guitar Effect $260, Boss Metal Zone $45


Female Singer Required

Singer, songwriter, guitarist and one-man band looking for a female singer to perform contemporary and classic rock, blues, country and originals for gigs in Siem Reap, etc.

Must be able to sing leads and harmonies in all styles in key and tempo, and play a rhythm instrument such as tambourine, etc. to programmed backup tracks.

Lee 078829584


I will need a keyboard or guitar player to fill out my group for upscale gigs in Sihanoukville. Please reply to    smarksltd5@gmail.com.


Riverside Bistro, Phnom Penh, are looking for a band available to gig on New Year's Eve 31.12.2015, 4 to 5 people as full band, budget $50 each, free food and soft drink. Please contact: 
Mr. Sophorn 
081 241 007  

Japanese Electric Guitar for Sale

My Guitar from Japan. I want to sale it for 80$. Its brand is called Laid Back. 

My phone: 011628043
My name: Davin Sin

Cool LEFTY or Righty Guitar for Sale

This is a single coil guitar, (unknown brand) with a very nice Schecter neck, heavy brass saddles and maple fret board. The one, single coil pickup screams and is great for leads or rhythm that really cuts through the mix. It’s been converted for a right handed player. But could easily be set back to a lefty by rotating the nut and restringing it.


Stop by and give it a go.  

Want to form a pop-ballad duo?

Looking for a Filipino expat or Cambodian (who can speak some English) keyboardist/vocalist to pair up with me (vocalist) for practice and possible gigs in Phnom Penh.

Must have commitment and time to create and practice a playlist in a reasonable amount of time. Contact me at 070 214 005 if interested. Serious inquiries only, please.


Acoustic Bass for Sale

Fender electro accoustic bass for sale 280 $ in a perfect condition, california series B 20

contact Pierre 085 533 326

1966 Yamaha Guitar for Sale

Very rare first Yamaha 1966 Electric vintage guitar for sale 1400 $, Yamaha SG-5 1966-1971 Mahogany Body, Rosewood Fretboard. Yamaha started its official line of solidbody electrics in 1966.

Of these early models, the most recognizable is probably the Flying Samurai series. The Flying Samurais were designed by Japanese surf rock legend and Mosrite fan Takeshi Terauchi.A Zero fret, reverse asymmetrical body shape, this love is all over the flying samurais.

contact Pierre 085 533 326

Bass for Sale

Brian by Bacchus Jazz style bass. Maple fret board. Very well made. Fast slim neck, and low action. Nice deep tone. You can try it before you buy it.



Variax 300 electronics for sale!  

I have retrofitted one of my Strats with the electronics from a Variax 300.  They are in fully working order but I have decided to turn the guitar back into a fully analog model.  Interested in a project to make a very cool guitar? Retrofit these to yours and get a whole host of different modelled guitars: acoustics, 12-strings, dobro, banjo, Coral sitar, and many electric models.

$300 firm and pick the parts up in Battambang.  I'll even give you some lessons on retrofitting and installation.  088-721-6201  John 

Vintage Yamaha SFX-III Guitar for sale

Way out in Battambang but if you are out this way I have a vintage Yamaha SFX-III for sale.  In pristine condition, dual humbuckers, floating tremolo, locking nut, rosewood fretboard, set neck.  

This guitar is a real gem.  It is missing the tremolo bar but I am sure you can find one somewhere to complete it.  I don't use the tremolo so I currently have it blocked so it doesn't move.  That is easy to change though, in case you need to do some dive bombing or shimmering when you play.  $450 or best offer.

Call John at 088-721-6201 if you are interested.

1985 Japanese Telecaster for Sale

Fender Telecaster 1985 Made in Japan for sale


gorgeous sound 

contact: 085 533 326 Pierre

Professional Western Classical Violinist 


Are there any Western Classical Musicians in Phnom Penh interested in colaborating - perferrably in chamber music? I am a freelance musician (violinist) from Brisbane, Queensland in Australia with a Bachelor of Music Performance and Pedagogy (Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide University and Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University) and am moving to Phnom Penh in 2016.


Verity Van Rooyen

Sangvar Day are looking for a new bassist!

Hi there, we have been playing alternative rock in Phnom Penh's live venues for almost 3 years. (You can check that on our Facebook page: see below.)

We play only original songs and are constantly involved in a writing process. We have issued an E.P. that you can check here:
...and are working on an 10 song new album that is to be released by the end of this year.

We are looking for a guy/girl who would ideally be: very motivated (we practice twice a week and there's not much money to be made); fast-learning (22 original songs); prompt (as much as can be in Cambodia); dedicated (we do that as a hobby but are serious about it); more than 18 years old and less than 50.

We'd like to play gigs again as soon as possible; so it's kind of urgent!

Contact: Julien (drummer) +855-93-28-41-61 / juliemariani@hotmail.com
Facebook (private message): www.facebook.com/SangvarDay

Live Band Available

Band available for gigs in Phnom Penh. We are THM band.....there are 5 members:  1 girl and 4 boys.  We perform both Khmer and English songs. We do mostly pop songs. 

Lindaly - 086918484


Amplifiers for Sale

Opportunity ! 

For Sale: second-hand Marshall amps in perfect condition ! 

Marshall guitar amp MG15CFX (15W) for sale 140 $

Marshall bass amp MBB series 30 (150W) for sale 380 $

contact: Pierre 085 533 326

Bass for Sale

Buskers Bass for Sale

Busker’s Jazz style bass. Very well made. Fast slim neck, and low
action. Nice to play. Used but not abused. It’s a great bass.
You can try it before you buy it.

Wildwood Paragon Banjo for Sale

Wildwood Paragon banjo for sale.  Estimated value $2500.  Take a look and make an offer.

Acoustic Bass For Sale 

Upgraded with a New Fishman pickup, includes 3 band EQ and tuner. New phosper bronze strings.
Bag included
Great tone. It has a nice-deep “woody” thump.

Resonator Guitar for Sale

Drive yourself to Paris, Texas with this entry level SX resonator 


Sit on your balcony delighting your neighbours with funky bottleneck slide or teach yourself lap steel. Comes with hardly used heavy duty lightweight plush lined flight case for easy travel. 

Yours for $300 ONO. 

contact Scoddy on scoddy67@gmail.com

Singer Looking for Gigs

My name is Silver Jang. I am from South Korea and I love singing. I would like to know more about getting into the entertainment industry in Cambodia. I was a finalist at a Cambodian audition program called Penh Jet Ort. Looking for gigs and auditions in Phnom Penh.

Silver Jang


Female Vocalist and Musicians Required

I'm looking to start a female led folk rock/punk band in phnom penh. Hop along, waxahatchee, lemuria type of music. I have some songs written already. Need a female vocalist. I can play guitar or bass. An awesome drummer would be awesome too.


855 99 582 068

Guitar for Sale

Spring Day Japan 1967
nice one 200 $
in case !

085 533 326

Planning to start a Phnom Penh Community Choir
to meet once/week and enjoy the experience of singing with others.

Open to ALL. No previous singing experience or musical training required.
Just a (light-hearted) desire to sing and share your voice with others.

Will work toward singing 4-part a capella harmonies of songs from around the world.
If a public performance is what people eventually want, we can work toward that too.

If that sounds like fun to you contact
JD at 092-140-908 or smitana@ihug.co.nz


Wanted - Dead or Alive - Trumpet Player

Looking for a trumpet player in Phnom Penh to blow some basic harmonized lines and even take a few solos as part of 3-piece horn section (with sax and trombone) for a "High Life" band - playing funky, groovin', calypso-infused, soulful, jazzy West African music from Ghana and Nigeria...full band to include vocal, bass, guitar and percussion.

If that sounds like fun to you, contact 

JD at 092-140-908 or smitana@ihug.co.nz

Cool Beatle Bass for sale

Hollow body, really light weight, short scale, very slim neck, low action. Sounds really cool, just like a Beatle bass should. Fairly loud unplugged. It’s not a Hofner, it says made in Japan. It’s probably a Tiesco, 70’s or 80’s. 

It’s had 1 professional repair that you wouldn’t even notice, if I didn’t tell you. In very good condition, doesn’t appear to have been played much. If you’re interested email me and come check it out. 



Seeking Drummer and Guitarist 

Lead vocalist/bass player and guitarist both with previous recording and touring experience in the USA seeking drummer and guitarist to form alternative rock band - all originals.

Have gear and practice space.

 Contact adamschu@gmail.com or 012222450.

Accordion for sale

For sale
Accordion, bought in Germany.
Black Hohner Tango IIM
Piano Accordion 16.5" 34/96 16 lbs
Reeds 3/5 LMM, Registers 9/3
Compact size with big keys
Includes Straps and bag
Very good state:  tuned and restored by professional accordion builder in Belgium in 2012.
Sold with swan neck microphone JTS CX-516 and battery power supply PS 500.


For sale because I leave Cambodia and I have no place in luggage.
Contact Nicolas
092 28 90 03

Kustom KG122FX 20W Guitar Amplifier. --- $100

Purchased new last fall. In perfect shape. Basically, this could have sat in Links for the last 9 months and it'd be in the same shape, but you'd be paying like $70 more for it.

$100 is already a low price and a good deal. I'm not going to lower it further just for the sake of lowering it further, sorry.

SMS only to 071 450 7603 or email kell0470@umn.edu

ZOOM G1N Multi-FX Pedal --- $60

Purchased some time last year. It does it all! Program your own FX patches with all kinds of bells and whistles and whatnot. Fun to play with, but I tend to use my DAW on my PC more than anything these days so this is up for grabs. I believe Madison charges anywhere from $100 to $120 for them, depending on the whims of their staff.
SMS only to 071 450 7603 or email kell0470@umn.edu

Alesis M1 Active 320 USB ... Speakers (monitors) + USB Audio Interface. = $30

*** The right speaker is not working for some reason. No sound issues forth from it. I suspect that this could be repaired, however, if you brought it to the right shop***

Aside from the R speaker not putting out any sound, the rest of the set-up works, meaning: 

The USB audio interface portion of it that allows you to plug instruments or other sources of audio in to be recorded on your computer is fully functional. There are two 1/4th inch jacks, an 1/8th inch jack, and RCA inputs. 

Furthermore - if you plug headphones into the R speaker you will hear both the R and L audio come through on the headphones just fine. Why the R speaker isn't making sound any longer, no clue. Loose wire? Maybe you can find out. But I'm charging $30 just for the USB Audio Interface capabilities essentially, normally these are more like $90. Purchased new last November, not used much due to the R speaker issue, but have tested and confirmed that the interface portion is working.

SMS only to 071 450 7603 or email kell0470@umn.edu

Guitar FX Pedal For Sale 

This is a Zoom pedal. Guitar players will be familiar with this. I never use this pedal, mostly because I play the bass and I don't need it. It is a great pedal to make good guitarists sound great and average guitarists sound, noisier. Still in it's original box. Make a reasonable offer and it's yours.


Want to Form a Punk Band?

Shout-out to Filipinos in Phnom Penh who are interested in forming/joining a punk band & playing in PP but don’t know where to start, can’t find a band who can have them, or have left their band. My name’s Ef (female, vocals) and I dig songs by the likes of Paramore. Whichever instrument you play, whether with little or a lot of band experience, whether you’re in  it for the love of music or need of extra cash, ring or leave me a message at 016552190. Let’s make it happen!

With thanks,



Solo Musician Required for Regular Gig

Looking for musician who can play guitar and sing solo every Tuesday at Sunset Blvd, Phnom Penh.

- Budget = $35/4sets, 45mn/set
- Staff food & 3 soft drink = free
- Start 7pm to 11pm
Thank you

Noun Sophorn
Tel : 081 241 007

Electro-Acoustic Fender for Sale 

Fender T-Bucket 300 CE
Purchased brand new in October 2012 in USA; shipped (wrapped/padded) to Cambodia
This is upgraded version with "Fishman" pickup, preamp and tuner
No fret-wear; like new condition
New D'Addario strings
Mahogany back and sides; flame maple top; rosewood fretboard

Excellent for playing either acoustic or electric
$400.00 USD
Serious Inquiries Only
Phnom Penh
Contact:  zeninpenh@gmail.com

Solo Performer Wanted

Sunset Blvd are looking for a musician who can play guitar and also sing alone.

We need 1 person to play every Tuesday, budget $35, free food and drink.

Please number below:  

Thank you

Noun Sophorn

Tel : 081 241 007

Bass for Sale

Aria Pro II RSB Series Bass for sale Made in Japan, probably in the 90’s. 

Appears to be all original. 2 EMG humbuckers, great deep tone. Slim neck and low action, really nice to play. 

Try it before you buy it. $150.00 


Zoom GFX8 Guitar Effects Processor FOR SALE

Price: $170

Contact 016999526 if interested.

There are 69 effect types - use up to 9 at once! The "Easy Edit" knobs and MIDI implementation make live and studio use a breeze. There are 160 built-in Zoom patches and 80 user programmable patches. This is a Zoom product, so you know there are still more features. How about a 25 second phrase sampler? The sampler also has a mode called "Jam Play," which lets you record 12 seconds of audio and play it back at a slower speed - without changing the pitch! Cool!When you factor in the built-in expression pedal and the large LED display, you have a formidable tool for making some awesome guitar sounds. This box is for all guitarists looking for a multi-effects pedal.

1. VAMS (Variable Architecture Modeling System).
2. 69 Effects types - up to 9 at once.
3. New! Sophisticated Distortion technology can duplicate the sound of guitar amps and preamps.
4. Intuitive "Easy Edit" knobs for live performace.
5. MIDI in and out.
6. Edit and manage patches with supplied software for Windows 95/98 or Macintosh OS.
7. 160 built-in Zoom patches/80 user programmable patches.
8. 25-second phrase sampler/12-second Jam Play feature. You can alter the speed of your samples without changing the pitch.
9. Rugged all metal chasis designed specifically for on stage use.
10. Built-in expression pedal.
11. Large, easy-to-read LED display.

Wireless Mics for Sale

For Sale    Cordless mic set (2) with nice aluminium case.   Make an offer.



Drum Set for Sale

Drum set for sale (used)  
Including:   1 bass 1 snare 1 floor tom 1 hi hat 1 cymbal 2 tom toms Stands and foot pedals.
All you’ll need are sticks.   Price starts at $175. Willing to negotiate. I’ll accept any reasonable offer.

Guitar Lessons Available




'Made in Japan 62 Reissue Fender Precision Bass (1990): $400

[APOLOGIES: No pictures at present because I had to sell my phone to pay rent, but then instead of doing that + buying a less expensive smart phone, I bought this bass and a Nokia. You can see it in person all you want though no problem.]

I stumbled upon this gem in one of the city's many overpriced Japanese junk stores. As luck would have it, this one appears to be going out of business and anything over $100 was 50% off! Including this bass. Score! 

[There is also an original mid-70's BC Rich Mockingbird in there. No shit. They want $2900 for it, or $1450 with their half-off sale, a little too rich for my blood, but a lot of blue books do put them at around $2500 value. If it's a fake then it's a great one because it's fooled me and one other very knowledgeable vintage guitar aficionado so far. If you want it, get a hold of me, I'll lead you to the promised land.]

It has a lot of dings on the body but there is nothing structurally wrong with it. It was missing the pickguard and a knob and had some rust in places but I've taken care of all of that, plus I've gotten rid of layers and layers of ANARCHY stickers some idiot wallpapered it with. What's left is something basically identical to this, but a little more worn:

Same make / model / year. I took the neck off and confirmed that it is a PBD-62 - stamped on the body and the neck - and a penciled in date of 9/21/90 matches the serial on the back of the neck (begins with I + 6 digits.) It's for real!

These are nice basses. Go through the Ebay auctions on them past and present and you will see them go for upwards of $1000 at times. They are regarded as being equal or nearly so to the quality USA models.

This one could use a thorough set-up by somebody more skilled at that than me, but even without it the neck feels great and it plays nicely, sounds great. 

SMS me at 071 450 7603 ... 

... I am hard of hearing and will have difficulty understanding you if you contact me via voice call. I may still answer, but you may hear a lot of WHAT? and HUH? and then UH, TEXT ME I'M DEAF. That's not usually a satisfactory outcome for folks, so be forewarned. And yes, this is from years of playing loud music, going to see loud bands, and working in clubs and bars and venues with loud music and bands playing whether I wanted to see them particularly or not. Hearing loss is real, it sucks, and you should wear ear plugs. PSA done. Buy my bass.

Wanted: Ditto Looper guitar pedal

Know of anyone or anywhere that sells a 'Ditto Looper' ?




Electric Guitar and Amplifier for Sale

Westone electric guitar and amplifier Spider2 30watts

250 USD for guitar and 75 USD for amp 

contact Keith 012351846

Urgent: Musicians required Battambang

I am working for Daido restaurant and lounge in Battambang. On the 14th of February we will be celebrating the one year anniversary of the restaurant. We would like to organise live music or DJ, I know it is late and that most of the band or musician are already busy but if you know anybody that could be interested and free I would be really greatfull if you could let them know and get in contact with me. 



The Adobo Conspiracy is looking for new members ASAP:

1 Lead
1 Rhythm
And a bass player

We like playing fast, high energy rock songs. All band members choose and decide songs to cover including Jrocks. We have 3 originals at the moment, and planning to make more. Also, we might change the band’s name afterwards.

Todd (drummer) and I will be staying in Phnom Penh for more years, so we hope we could find people who’s the same. This is not a full time job, this is purely for the love of making and playing music.

Call me Fumi – 089 4999 16
Or message us on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/theadoboconspirators

Thank you.

Experienced Drummer looking for work/bands in Phnom Penh.

Or serious musicians to start a new project.

All styles of music & cross over.


Dion : dioneelco@gmail.com
069 477 142

Looking for Bass and Guitar Player

Phnom Penh.
Band is looking for experienced Bass & Guitar player...
Style; Blues, Funk, Soul, Pop and Jazz
Dion : dioneelco@gmail.com
069 477 142

Artists Required Siem Reap

The Jazz Boat are looking for all kind of jazz, soul, funk and blues musicians to perform on our stage!

Tel  0962 018 987 - The Jazz Boat


Reward offered for return of lost flute

Gemeinhardt M3 open hole flute in black case lost very recently. Old, tarnished but good. Serial number to follow. Appreciate and reward any lead to recovery. Holes have cork plugs and the case is very worn.

Please contact Alan : 


tel 077 983 872

Artist Required

looking for 2 people or 3 people who can play on Thursday night at Riverside Bistro.

Please contact: Noun Sophorn

Tel : 081 241 007



This is a well-made, Korean, “Busker’s”, Jazz style bass. Fast slim neck, and very low action, it’s a breeze to play. I used it at rehearsals and open mic jams for a couple of years. It’s a great bass. Stop by and try it. 

$150.0 timdep63@gmail.com

Guitar Player Required

Upright bass player looking for guitar player for a duo Sihanoukville. 

Yamaha Acoustic-Electric Guitar for Sale

Yamaha APX500II Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar, natural wood colour. With gig bag. Easy to play, light to carry!

$190 for quick sale. Phnom Penh.

Tel: 095996564

Band Required NYE

I am looking for band play on 31 December 2014 

Amount : 3 or 4 people
Price :  100$/each
Offer : soft drink and food
Gig hour : start 10pm to 2am
Please contact direct to phone number below:

Noun Sophorn
Tel : 081 241 007

Artists required in Kep: New Years Eve and New Years Day

Opportunity to perform in beautiful resort in Kep on New Year's Even and/or New Year's Day. Call immediately for more details

Please call Alan 07798 3872

Artist required in Kep on Christmas Day

Guitarist / vocalist needed Kep resort 25/12 .Please call Narith 012956495

Knell (formally Splitter) require a new drummer and singer. 

We are a gigging Phnom Penh based expat band.

Drummer: We're looking for a drummer who can accentuate our sound and help contribute to write original music. We have around 12 originals and 5 covers in our repertoire. Cover songs by bands, such as Alice in Chains, Deftones, System of a Down, and Tool. We predominantly focus on writing our own original music though. 

We have our own practice space with our own equipment including drums. We get together around once or twice a week to practice, jam, and eat cookies. 

Singer: We are also currently looking at vocalists. We're after someone who can write, scream, sing, and perform. Anything from melodic to heavy/death metal is what we're aiming for.

Here's some very basic home recordings with no vocals. They're not perfect, but they provide a basic structure of our songs for people to get their heads around. There's some old songs on there by our old vocalist but we're looking to get heavier than that. 

Looking for band 31 December 2014

New Year's Eve
At Riverside Bistro, #273A, Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Contact person: Sophorn Noun, Manager of music lounge

Tel: 081 241 007

DOD Bass EQ pedal for sale

Works perfectly, slightly used. Great bass EQ. Has a full 18 DB level and frequency boost. Great for
customizing clean and overdrive bass tones.
The exact same model on eBay is $90 plus $25 shipping, (to the US).

You can try it before you buy it. $55.00.


Drummer Looking for Band

I'm looking for musicians who want to play live electronic music.  It can be in the form of hip hop/electro/drum and bass/latin, anything innovative or experimental.  Originals or covers.  I'm not interested in doing a traditional blues/rock/metal band.  

Examples of what I'm talking about are Quantic, Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, anything Luke Vibert has ever done, or any electronic musician who plays his tracks with live instrumentation.   

Steve - millersteve@yandex.com




Behringer Ultra Bass BXL3000A 300w 2 channel, original Bugera 15” aluminium cone speaker.

$300 ono

Call David 012 712 441 or email to harton.pearson@gmail.com 


Drummer looking for band, also play percussion on Cajon.

Contact Uday at:


Looking for Musicians

Looking for solo musician/ small band/ instrumental group to play at the Intercontinental Hotel on Sunday November 23rd for one or two sets between 10am- 5pm.

We are having a huge Charity Christmas Fair and we would love some musicians to volunteer their times and skills.

This event attracts over 1000 people, western and khmer so it will be a great place to promote yourself and your business should you be a professional musician/ teacher. 

Electric violinist 

(rock, blues) would like to join a performing band in Phnom Penh.  Last 3 years, open jamming at Sharky's. 

More info:  www.peoplese.net/violinist  

Contact: wmoore888y@zoho.com

Aria Pro II bass for Sale

Aria Pro ii Avante series bass.
In great condition, very little fret wear, straight neck and low action. Fairly light, probably basswood body. Rosewood fretboard. New strings. P J Pickups
Why? I just have too many...

 Bassist looking for a duo

 ( trio with me) for jazz since 70's to the nowadays.

I'm ready to integrate into a band already on stages. contact only through this page - I lost phone with my mails. 
Anthony Rotella

Ace Tone VM-45 Amplifier - $175 O.B.O.

All-in-one 3 channel / 5 input PA System Combo Amp.

Call or TEXT: 088 621 8962 (if I don't answer, send a text, you may never get me on the line speaking because of my poor hearing, brought about by this extremely loud amp.)

That was the short version. Here's the long version (those of you who know me - you know I can't be that short and to the point, so this ad provides both options.)

This is an extremely versatile and handy three channel / 5 input amp that is basically like a PA system done as a combo amp. I'm not sure on the actual wattage (45 seems like an odd number, dunno) but it has three 8" speakers and it can get really loud. There are three channels with separate volume controls, so you can plug a mic in for vocals along with an instrument and a source for audio like a laptop. Hell, you could plug in multiple mics or instruments. If you had a bar or cafe and you were doing an open mic night, this amp would be the only piece of equipment you'd need aside from the mics or instruments the musicians plugged into it. And it's compact and easy to move or store. One person can lift it and carry it and it fits into any tuk-tuk. I've even moved it on a moto-bike before. 

It works great as a bass amp - it is a closed cabinet and it has a deep bass heavy tone. But it could also be used as a guitar amp (with pedals and so forth to provide distortion or whatever else) and it sounds pretty damn good for that, too - really heavy is easily accomplished, if your tastes in music lean that way. It is a tall amp - about up to an adult's waistline - but it can be laid on its side and has little feet there for that, making it look like a soundbar sort of. It has been modified with a transformer (internally) so that it plugs into the outlets here with no issues. 

It is indeed "Vintage," but it's built like a tank and shows no indications of wearing down or breaking down in the slightest, and it is solid state so no tubes to worry about. It will probably still be blaring some garage band's clamorous aspirations to rock stardom in defiance of their neighbors demands for quietude long after we are dead and gone. How's that for a warranty?

It has the following inputs/controls (see pic):

CHANNEL 1 - HIGH and LOW Inputs with Volume 
CHANNEL 2 - LOW Input and INSTRUMENT (INST.) Input with Volume 

(HIGH is the loudest of all the inputs. INST. gives the most balanced and reasonable sound for a bass or guitar with the most fine-tuning control over volume - i.e. 1 is quiet, 5 is moderate, 10 is ear-splitting. Whereas you get to ear-splitting by like 4 or so on the HIGH input.)

BACKGROUND MUSIC (B.G.M.) Input with Volume: This is a line-in and I think the name comes from this amps possible use as a Karaoke machine. So you'd plug your CD player (or 8 track, whatever) in here. I've used an adapter plug to play music from my phone through the amp (you'd need a cord or adapters that link up a 1/8th (headphones) jack to a 1/4th (instrument) jack. Or you could send your stereo single by using an RCA or AV to 1/4th link.)

LINE OUT: Line out to whatever. 

TREBLE & BASS - self explanatory? I tend to keep the BASS at half and the TREBLE turned up, because it's a bass heavy amp to begin with. These tone controls effect everything plugged into the amp basically. The best way to finesse your sound further than these two simple controls allow would be to utilize pedals and effects and chain them between instrument and amp. It sounds great as a bass amp without any additional help, but as a guitar amp I'd suggest using a multi-FX pedal with it, even if you're playing clean, in order to use the EQ and other more subtle effects in order to finesse your tone.

REVERB: It has a spring-coil reverb built in, and it actually works pretty well. It does effect all channels though, and at the same level, so in most situations you'd keep it turned down. It sounds good with vocals or guitar - so if that's what was being amplified, then sure, but with bass I thought it was a little weird sounding for some reason, and it just takes clarity away from recorded audio (MP3's or whatever lined in.) 

I think the price I'm asking for it is fair given how many different functions it can fill for a musician, but if you've got a counter-offer I won't be offended if you text me with it. I do need money right now or I wouldn't be selling it at all.

Drum Set for Sale

Drum Set in very good condition (4+1 Thai brand) for Sale - 220 USD.

Please call  016634414  (Sergey)

Singer Looking for Keyboard/Piano Player

Singer looking for a professional keyboard / piano player. The plan is to play lounge / jazz music in the various venues around town. I am looking to be gig ready in a months time. Must be available most evenings. I will manage booking the venues, etc.

Set list can be found here, I am willing to change / add and delete songs, I'm very flexible / open to ideas. 

If you are interested, email me at :

 or text on 078718881

Japanese-made "Westminster" 1970's SG guitar

Very low action with the slimmest neck I have ever come across. Everything works and very easy to play. Back plate says "made in Japan" with number.  Some paint flaws and no gig bag. This guitar would not be for sale at this price if I wasn't desperate for cash. $125 firm. 
Kenny 068 652 463

Five-String bass for Sale

5 String bass that says Fender Jazz Bass on the headstock but it isn't a Fender Jazz Bass. The pickups are Precision style pickups, for one. But it plays and sounds a LOT better than just about anything else you're going to run into at the $100 price range, whatever it actually is (the neck plate says Washburn Pro and it has a substantial feel to it, so I'm guessing a counterfeit made from various parts as opposed to one built recently in China given that it doesn't suck.) Seeing/playing is believing and you would of course be afforded ample time to check it out before sealing the deal, and I believe that you'll consider it an absolute steal at $100.

Dark blue / black with a white pick guard. Comes with a gig bag. 

$100 - Call or text 088 621 8962

Electro-Acoustic Guitar for Sale

This guitar was purchased new in Hanoi, so it has maybe 6 months of occasional playing logged onto it, so close to new condition. It is a Chinese guitar, but higher quality than that would normally imply. It's fairly decent - again, I invite you to check it out, I think you'll agree with me. It has a built-in 3 band EQ as well as a tuner. It can be played unplugged as an acoustic or plugged in to an amp as an electric, but it by no means requires an amplifier to be heard - it is perfectly serviceable as an acoustic. It has a thin body compared to a traditional acoustic so it's very comfortable to play. Perfect couch guitar. The built-in tuner is really handy.

Black with a white pick guard. Comes with a gig bag. 

$150 - call or text 088 621 8962

Photo: The estimable Mr. Conrad Keely playing the very guitar in question. 

Reward offered for return of flute

Gemeinhardt M3 open hole flute in black case lost very recently. Old, tarnished but good. Serial number to follow. Appreciate and reward any lead to recovery. Holes have cork plugs and the case is very worn.

Please contact Alan : 


  077 983 872

Two Guitars for Sale

1. Fernandes The Function
Mid-1980's strat copy with humbucker in bridge position, Ash body. 3.6mm string spacing at nut (slightly wider than standard). GOTOH tuners. 100% original. Typical high quality 1980's Japanese built. Compare E-Bay price of $450  for same model in inferior condition. Offered at $300.00.

2. Fender Squire Stratocaster. 
1992-93 year. 100% original. Silver Series, GOTOH tuners. "Road worn" relic paint. Compare E-Bay prices of $400+ for similar guitar. Offered at $275.00.

Chris 015 413 254

Two Basses for Sale

1. Fernandes Limited Edition
Mid-1980's Made In Japan, minimal fret wear, new strings. Straight neck, set-up for low action. Custom sea-green paint job by Kenny Smith. $275.00

2. Yamaha RBX500   
Late 1980's Made In Japan.  Straight neck, minimal fret wear, set-up for low action. Light in weight. $200.00

Chris  015 413 254

Guitar Amp for Sale

Fender Princeton 112 Plus, 1990s era blackface
Solid state 65w, 12" speaker, 1 input, clean and overdrive channels, reverb
Made in the USA, converted to 220v

A very reliable, good-sounding and loud amp. It does not sound 'thin' like most portable amps.
1 owner

$150 or best offer
Jet Odrerir
012 240 019

Bass for Sale

For Sale: Charvette by Charvel bass. Made in Japan 1989-1991, basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. $150 or best offer.
Contact: Jet
012 240 019

Bass Player for Hire

Professional 31 year old, male, electric bass player looking for work. I have experience playing rock, country, blues, funk, cajun, pop and more. My jazz experience is limited to playing jazz standards, usually with a jazz singer. I sing harmony and also about 30 songs (thus far) of lead if required. I am from Canada and have toured extensively, played on recordings, and formed many bands back in Canada. I just arrived in Phnom Phen, Cambodia 2 days ago and do not want to waste any time in getting some musicians together and start working (gigging). If you need a bass player or are a serious musician with the same goals give me a call or text at:


Or you can e-mail me at: kevinbekevich@hotmail.com"


Beautiful dark purple finish Les Paul style guitar:


Call (SMS if no answer): 088 621 8962

GrassRoots - LUNA SEA INORAN Signature Model Purple Les Paul


NECK: Maple, Bolt-On

FINGER BOARD: Rosewood, 24F


PICK UP: Single-coil x 2 / Humbucker x 1

CONTROL: 1 Volume, 2 Tone knobs, 5 way pick-up selector

OK, for those of you who don't know, GrassRoots is basically ESP Guitars of Japan's "Epiphone" brand. Meaning, the guitars are a bit less expensive than their regular line, for instance this guitar sold for about 50,000 Yen or $500 brand new. 

(And it is still fetching that price in Japan apparently because it's a signature model for a guitarist, Inoran, who was in a band there, Luna Sea, who still have a following. They look like they sound awful. But this guitar doesn't.) 

However, if you check around online, there are a lot of guitarists out there who will tell you that GrassRoots instruments are superior to Epiphone or Squier instruments, flat out. That for the price, you are getting a much nicer instrument.

They are not permitted to be sold in the USA due to trademark and licensing agreements with Gibson and Fender (they basically steal the body designs and so forth of the most famous models from those companies, after all.) 

This guitar is in great shape; the body has a couple scratches on the backside and zero other cosmetic issues. The pickup selector is a little wonky (will sometimes be silent on 4 position, but moving it back and forth will hit it eventually; most likely a very minor issue and easily solved if it bugs you, but I mention it for purposes of full disclosure.)


Musicians Wanted

To form new rockabilly style band. Need vocalist and guitarist.

Contact : Boom Baar


Guitar for Sale

Strat alike guitar for sale.
This guitar has proven itself onstage. It used to be the power behind
a locally popular punk duo, during the early days of Phnom Penh’s now
thriving music scene. I just had it professionally set up by Smokin’
Kenny Smith.
It has a nice, heavy, warm tone, deeper than a strat.
Own a piece of Phnom Penh Punk history... 

Bass Amp For Sale

Fernandes Bass Amp For Sale

Small 20 W. bass practice amplifier. 6 inch speaker.
Bass. Mid., Treble, Presence controls & Headphone output.
IT NEEDS A CONVERTER. It’s not rated for 220V.

Drummer Required

Hit me with your rhythm sticks!

High-energy punk/rock/metal/grunge band with 40 tunes, including originals, seeks epic drummer. 

Talent, showmanship and positive energy a must.

Call 077 553962.

Bass Guitar For Sale


I am selling my Selder bass guitar.  I'm only in Cambodia for a year so I bought it from The Heng 10 months ago, planning to sell it again.  The body is in good shape and the electronics are fine.  The action on the neck wasn't perfect when I bought it so I had it fixed up by a local player, and while it had a little buzz here and there, it gets the job done (in fact I forgot about the issue till writing this).  Sadly the bass has barely been used this year, and just left my bedroom a few times.  

This thing is great for someone needing a cheap bass, someone who wants something to practice with, or someone needing a reliable spare.  The bass is dark blue, has that cool pattern on the pick guard, and of course that ever-stolen jazz bass body.  It also comes with a "theheng" bag.

I'm thinkin $95.

Pics here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lvc936gq3zw57id/AAD8NTB36uuO8V-K_F7x0AECa

Write me at michaelgustbass@gmail.com or call me at 012 532 675


Guitars For Sale

Alvarez AD 60SC Acoustic Guitar  -   $240

Top King - Electric Guitar              -    $ 60

Located in Siem Reap  - Phone Tommy 077 810 872


Keyboard YAMAHA PSR-100 for sale! 

4 octaves. Note: it's in Japanese language (but it's not a problem to find the English manual in internet). I used it for vocal warm-ups and making songs arangements - it's an ideal option for this kind of home practicing, the sound is good. 

The price is only 45$! Must sell quickly as I'm leaving.   

Contact +855 81736605 (sms or call). Olga.


Oscar Schmidt Electro-Acoustic for Sale

OG2 CE Oscar Schmidt Electric Acoustic Guitar by Washburn 
with hard case, strap, 4 extra sets of strings,  cable, 2 plectrums

As new condition, hardly used. 

Ebay list price  Guitar $270, hard case $30, strings $10 per set, cable $10 total package $350

Asking Price $250 or best offer, must sell quickly.

Contact Ian 012 96 86 73 or carter_ian@hotmail.com

For Sale: Zildjian professional quality cymbals. 

Avedis Zildjian 20" Medium Ride - some staining but otherwise excellent condition $175 (around$350 new). 

Avedis Zildjian 16" thin crash, with small arc cut out $100 (around $250 new). Stands also available. 

Contact Greg at :

The Fumes are looking for a new singer!

It's the end of an era! After more than 4 years together, Karin is taking her show on the road this summer, heading to the Philippines (she heard there might be a few bands there).

Can you sing?  Can you sing and play guitar?  Are you into an eclectic mix of indie, alternative, post-punk, and 80s tunes that get people dancing? We love the Pixies, the Killers, the Cure, the Dandy Warhols, New Order, the Strokes, Garbage, the Kinks, and heaps more.  

We have hands down the best practice space in Phnom Penh (for free!) and regular paid gigs around town.

Get in touch, choose a couple of songs from our back catalog, and come try out!  Ideally you'd be gig-ready by August/September.

Email us at thefumescambodia2014@gmail.com, or come talk to us after a gig.  We'll be at Slur Bar on April 25 and on a triple bill at indie night at Sharky's on April 26.  

You can also check out our set list at the following link:

The Fumes 
p.s. Extra points if you are a girl."

 Urgent: the Groove is looking for a pro bass player to play Pop Music 3 days a week for long contract . 

Pls contact Ritchy : richard.boisson@thegroove.asia

or 097 90 91 149 . Thx

Sax tenor / Flute  looking for a band

Funk, soul, ska, reggae-blues, world music oriented as long as the vibes bring smiles.

contact : 099666579

Looking for Musicians

We are looking for musicians who can either play with our band (keyboard, vocalists (female), guitar players) or can do a solo performance. We are setting up a schedule for the coming months and we would like to give each person who can play the opportunity to play live on a professional sound system with original musical instruments of high quality and standards. If you think you are the person, feel free to drop by at Riverside Bistro, 274a Sisowath Quay. Every day live music from 8pm.


For sale - 2 x Pioneer CDJ100s 

These entry level decks are ideal for DJ's wanting an easy set of club quality CDJ's to take out for your gigs.  Bedroom DJs keen to experience the possibilities of CD play-out technology. Sound creation and remix possibilities are only the beginning. Audio Output Level 2 V.

    Condition:  Good
    Age: 3 years old 
    Working quality:  Excellent
    Price:  $270 total
Contact:  0959 699 12


For Sale : Awesome Jazz Style Bass

$600 USD (Negotiable) Try it before you buy it. timdep63@gmail.com

I spared no expense on this bass. Right down to the black screws for
the black pick guard.

*       Heavy, solid maple body.
*       Seymour Duncan's highest output, quarter pounder pickups.
*       Cast brass bridge, 3 times heavier than a fender bridge.
*       The caps are, "new old stock" 1970's eastern European, electrolytic.
*       Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard.
*       Heavy duty, open gear tuners.
*       Comes with a hard case.
*       Strap locks and strap.

Nothing else like it in the country. This bass is heavy, has great tone, very deep, ground shaking lows. And sustain that lasts forever... The action still needs to be tweeked a bit. I haven't played it all that much. I practiced with it a bit and brought it to ONE gig. It's virtually new. Why am I selling such an awesome bass? Need cash, and I play a Ric.


Guitars For Sale:

New, Squier 60th Anniversary Classic Vibe Strat-Aztec Gold Solid-Body
Electric Guitar by Fender, crafted in China, five star reviewed
List Price: $599.99, sell 450.00 with Fender gig bag.
Three Custom Vintage-Style Single-Coil Strat pickups deliver authentic strat tones.Aztec Gold gloss finish and gold hardware.
Modern C" profile neck with a 9.5"-radius maple fingerboard offers smooth playability. Laser Engraved "1954-2014", 60 Years" Anniversary Neck plate adds a collectability factor. This instrument a limited quantity production only this year. Bought recently in Thailand. 

Also, I have a really big selection of classic acoustic dreadnaught vintage guitars, Morris, Suzuki, Yamaha, Alvarez , Tokai etc between 100 to 400 dollars which have been gone over, cleaned and ready to
Also a Japan made Telecaster that is really nice and plays beautifully made in 2004 for $500.00 with nice gig bag.



The Fumes are looking for a new singer!

It's the end of an era! After more than 4 years together, Karin is taking her show on the road this summer, heading to the Philippines (she heard there might be a few bands there).

Can you sing?  Can you sing and play guitar?  Are you into an eclectic mix of indie, alternative, post-punk, and 80s tunes that get people dancing? We love the Pixies, the Killers, the Cure, the Dandy Warhols, New Order, the Strokes, Garbage, the Kinks, and heaps more.  

We have hands down the best practice space in Phnom Penh (for free!) and regular paid gigs around town.

Get in touch, choose a couple of songs from our back catalog, and come try out!  Ideally you'd be gig-ready by August/September.

Email us at thefumescambodia2014@gmail.com, or come talk to us after a gig.  We'll be at Slur Bar on April 25 and on a triple bill at indie night at Sharky's on April 26.  

You can also check out our set list at the following link:

The Fumes 
p.s. Extra points if you are a girl."

For Sale:

2 Marshall Guitar FX (Brand New)

1 Amplifier

- JH-1 The jack Hammer Overdrive
- Distortion and R-F1 Reflector Reverb

Never been used, Shipped from the Philippines.

Package of $200 Non Negotiable
(Actual Picture)

1 Fernandez Amplifier with build in Distortion
2nd Hand $35

220 Volts
Please Contact or Text:
Mik: 088 367 5706

For Sale: 

Denon MC-6000 Midi Controller

2 years of age, for practice and was used in small gigs only, some scratches, comes with all the original papers, cd's, VDJ installer power supply, cables and boxes also comes with a custom decals (skins sticker). 
Need to sell it urgent and for $500 USD
additional info about the midi controller:



Wanted: Congas

Hi my name is Lukas. I am looking to buy a set of second-hand conga drums.



Gear For Sale

Hi there,

I've got an acoustic guitar and an effects pedal for sale.

Ibanez electro acoustic (Chinese) with built in tuner. Hardly used, including case,strap, stand and cable. Bargain $100

Zoom G1X guitar sound effects unit. Also bargain $50




Musicians Wanted

I am looking for a percussionist/drummer + bass player+ brass players+ back vocals to form a funky/rock/ blues band- material my own (you cand find some of my old material here  https://soundcloud.com/robin-nightwindhunters ) and covers (aiming at this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEKOUdiMi0A)

I sing and play guitar, already having live acts in PP.

If you don’t play any of the instruments listed but still wanna participate, let me know. I am always looking for good jams and new sounds.


Drummer Looking for Band

I'm looking for musicians who want to play live electronic music.  It can be in the form of hip hop/electro/drum and bass/latin, anything innovative or experimental.  Originals or covers.  I'm not interested in doing a traditional blues/rock/metal band.  

Examples of what I'm talking about are Quantic, Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, anything Luke Vibert has ever done, or any electronic musician who plays his tracks with live instrumentation.   

Steve - millersteve@yandex.com


Rhythm Guitarist Available

Guitar player for any sort of Jazz/Blues/Rock&Roll group. I'm most in my element playing 50s/60s music. I can do jazz comping but no lead.

Currently not in possession of an amplifier. I do have a guitar (Hofner Verythin CT) and cable. I play to have fun but rather with people who know what they're doing (and maybe can teach me a thing or two, who knows).

Contact me at tjeuclaessen@gmail.com


Yamaha Acoustic-Electric Guitar For Sale 

Yamaha APX500II Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar natural wood color..

Bought in the U.S. new a few months ago, perfect condition. Price is firm $300.00 or $350 with a nice gig bag also from U.s..  

Contact Skip at 077472663  email, TechRef1@gmail.com

Looking for Bands and Musicians

Hi, I'd like to inform you that the Groove are looking for bands and musicians to organise the 2014 new music schedule. 

- Ritchy

Need Bands or Musos

Hello. We are a venue in Serendipity beach rd sihanoukville. We are presently running gigs on Tuesday nights. Very successful. It's an open Mic. SIMON'S BIG SHOW. We want to do more live music thus we need bands or musos. Western main stream music. One or two man. We can arrange more gigs and accommodation for the right people.

thanks from the KONG 


Looking for a Drummer

(Posted 11-Dec 2013)

Looking for a substitute drummer for gigs already booked. All nationalities, age, sex, are welcome. Music orientation? Preferably alternative rock. 

Please call 017 611 885.

Bass Player Needed

(Posted 11-Dec 2013)

Funky music band "The Jungle" are looking for experienced bass player. Mixed style of music, rock, reggae, latino, gypsy. 

Please call 016634414 (Sergey) 

Bass for Sale

(Posted 11-Dec 2013)

Fender jazz style,Heavy hardwood body. Great sustain and awesome low end.New strings. No issues, everything works well.Try before you buy.$140.00 USD


Looking for Entertainers

(Posted 5-Dec-2013)

We are looking for Entertainers for coming Holiday, for New Year and Christmas.

Magician, DJ’s, Banquet Dancers, Belly Dancers, Clowns

Budget may vary, and based to qualifications.

Possible, candidates must submit the following requirements.

Presskit, Profile, Whole Body Pictures, Videos is a must for Dancers and Magicians,

Mixtapes for DJ’s.


Or call us.


Wanted: Wah Wah Pedal

(Posted 5-Dec-2013)

I would like to buy a second hand wah wah pedal, any make, any condition. Phnom Penh area.

Kenny 068 652 463  



PA System for Sale

(Posted 28-Nov-2013)

I am selling complete pa system:-

1 rack with 3 amplifiers 1 digital eq 1 crossover
2 subs
2 top speakers (2 way like d&b C7)
all cables
1 28 channel audio mixer
1 16 channel audio mixer (with reverb )

can do 400 pax concert

price 1200$

- Buck

Looking for Harmonica Player
(Posted 7-Nov-2013)

A friend gave me a harmonica (small, blues). I've been trying to teach 
myself with zero success. Any harmonica players out there who want to 
meet up and share their knowledge. Thanks. 
017 669 233 

2008 Fender Stratocaster Highway for Sale
(Posted 5-Nov-2013) - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD

2008 Fender Stratocaster Highway 1., USA made, 21 fat frets, Alder
body, Sunburst finish, 60's style headstock, Nitrocellulose lacquer
finish, alnico single coil pickups with upgrades, whammy bar. 5-way
pickup selector, two tone controls and one volume. Rosewood fretboard.
Gig bag. To put it as simply as possible: This guitar sounds great.
Perfect condition. Call Skip 077472663. Email TechRef1####DELETETHIS####@gmail.com
$650.00 firm. Very collectable.

Looking to Rent Large LCD Projector for Gig
(Posted 30-Oct-2013)

I am sending this out in the hope of getting some bites on the renting of an LCD projector. The projector needs to project on a screen 8m x 10m and from a distance of about 30m. It will be used during totally great music event later this year.
If anyone knows anything at all about where or how this could be achieved or if you know of someone with one to rent then please let me know.
You can contact me, Television Ted, on TelevisionTed###SCRUB THIS ###@LengPleng.com or call 012 832509. Any info at all is totally appreciated.

Seeking an Electronic Synth Player (Posted 14-Oct-2013)

Seeking electronic synth player for live collaboration. 
Tim King

FOUND AND RETURNED Looking for My Guitar (Posted 11-Oct-2013)

My longtime backup guitar has wandered away from the Shark Cage. Unknown brand, Telecaster-style body, snot cream color with black pickguard. Tone knob doesn't stay on and pickup selector is missing the plastic tip. Sticker on the front says "I sell crack for the CIA". If anyone happens to spot it, it sure would be swell if it wandered back to the Shark Cage.
Jet Odrerir
Phnom Penh
(855) 12 240 019

Filipino Band Wanted (Posted 26-Sep-2013)

for playing on Wed, Fri & Sat
Riverside bistro
#273A, Sisowath Quay, Corner street 148, Phnom Penh
Name: Mr. Harri
Tel: 017848988/ 070984364

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster (Posted 19-Sep-2013)
The Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s is an electric guitar by
Fender crafted in China. Alder body and 21-fret maple neck 9.5" radius
neck and medium jumbo frets. The tone is unmistakable as well, with a
custom set of AlNiCo 3 single-coil pickups clear and bright with
terrific sustain even in crunch mode! Custom-staggered pole pieces
provide improved string-to-string balance. Back in 1982, the very
first Squier by Fender guitars and basses came ringing out of Asia.
Known for their excellent vintage-quality look, feel, sound and
This guitar was bought new in Thailand at the authorized Fender dealer
about two years ago and includes soft gig bag case. It is road worn
and some of the original poly coating has been removed from the neck.
Cost new about 450 dollars. Selling for $200.00
EMAIL: TechRef1####DELETETHIS####@gmail.com 
PHONE: 077472663

Steel Guitarist Seeking Musicians / Band (Posted 9-Sep-2013)

I'll be coming to Cambodia at the end of the year and would love to hook up with some musicians to play Juke Joint Jive, Hillbilly Swing stuff. Looking for upright slap double bass / guitar and vocals initially for Wayne Hancock, Hank III  type numbers....basically anything with da bounce, but at the same time am happy to play steel on Americana, Country, Blues, Folk...whatever!

Bass Player Available (Posted 16-Aug-2013) 
Antonio F.M.Rotella
Bass player 
Electric jazz-pop
Please contact me by sms at 088 6719361
Or by email at theafmr####TAKE THIS OUT###@gmail.com

Drummer Wanted (Posted 30-Jul-2013) 

New expat rock band needs a drummer. We play a mix of modern hits and classic rock. Versatility in styles is needed - especially a bit of pop, rock and reggae. We cover hit songs from: Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Blake Shelton, Train, Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Black Keys, The Wallflowers, The White Stripes, Foster The People, Thin Lizzy, Bruce Springsteen, The Monkeys, The Beatles, Steve Miller, Cat Stevens, John Lennon and more. Full band rehearsals at least once a week in Phnom Penh. We'd like to start gigging A.S.A.P. Experienced drummers only.  

Looking for Musicians (Posted 8-Aug-2013) 

I'm bass player and singer living in SHV since Nov 2008, I'm experienced in studio or live works as I've been pro in my country (France) from 1976 to 2008. I'm looking for musicians (guitar, drums, kbd, lead singer with their own equipment) to get a cover band (Rock, Pop, Blues, R'n'B, Funk, etc). Good musical level required and cool-minded people (please no rockstars or world champions !!!!).

If you're interested please contact:

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